Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Makeup Adjustment

Now, I'm not advocating full on tanning! As someone who works in the beauty industry I have seen over and over the results of over exposure to the sun- everything from roughened skin texture, breakouts, burnt, peeling skin, blisters, scarring, brown age spots, freckling, dryness, patchiness, just to name a few. Unfortunately a lot of those were on my OWN Skin this past week.
I had the unfortunate experience of being on antibiotics the week of my annual vacation to Cape Cod. Despite constant applications of spf 50, spending the bulk of my first few days under an umbrella, and often covered with towels- I received MORE than my fair share of sun exposure. The lotion, even a mild on caused my face to breakout, plus my skin was sooooo sensitive even the heat from the sunny beautiful days made my skin feel like it was being slowly peeled off my body!
Thankfully I was able to end the medication early enough to enjoy the rest of my vacation- but I still bear the results right on my skin. Not only did my nose burn, and peel, but the textured roughened considerably- creating a thicker horny layer (yes, that is what it is called) that need more than just manual exfoliation- such as a face scrub. I used a mild alpha hydroxy skin peel to remove the worst of the outer surface damaged skin cells. I also manually exfoliate GENTLY the sensitive skin to remove dead cells daily. I skip the creamy wax and oil based moisturizer ecept in the under eye area, and instead use my Age Defy Serum am and pm. I am also drinking plenty of water to rehydrate my skin, but alas the damage has already been done- and only time and great care will help reduce, and hopefully mildly repair some of the damage.
Now, the one positive of the sun exposure, is that I really look natural with a tan thanks to some Italian heritage. I tend to tan, very easily, I just usually choose not to in order to protect my skin, avoid increasing my risk of skin cancer, and to reduce the appearance of age spots, lines, wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging skin. ok. public service announcement done- i know many of you DO tan- and will need to adjust your makeup accordingly- and not just your routine- but most often your entire makeup wardrobe!
With this vacation I have deepened about 4 shades of depth in color- and now adjust my makeup accordingly. I am usually  Medium Dark Warm in my line- I had moved into Dark Warm (one shade deeper)
Medium Dark Warm
Dark Warm

Light Honey


  1. These women who complain deserve all the health problems they get from using MM and deserve to be clueless as to where they come from! When you present someone with the truth and they get upset and go in denial and shoot the messenger, that is the epitome of idiot right there! These women need to grow up and get a clue! I say let them inhale & die! Survival of the fittest, they won’t be missed! Look if you’re that stupid that you’re going to believe Bare Escentuals, who uses TOXIC ingredients including bismuth chloride (sp? just look it up!) and tells you it’s not dangerous because they’ve done their own studies, you’re as stupid as those who believed that cigarettes are safe when the studies were funded by the cig companies! (or those who believe GMOs are safe because Moronsanto funds the studies and fires those who find out how lethal GMOs are. No matter, the proof is out there, google it!)

    You don’t need a darn scientific study. All you need is to do is figure out where your breathing problems & rashes are coming from. If you stop using the mineral makeup & it clears up, there’s your scientific study! Just do a search: there’s tons of forum posts from women who react badly to mineral makeup mostly BE because of their toxic ingredients! There are alternatives.

    Who are you going to believe? The good doctor (and we finally have one out there speaking out on US TV, a miracle in itself) or the company who stands to lose millions in lawsuits if you find out the reason you buried your mom is because she inhaled too many particles of mineral makeup! To those who chose to use BE MM do so while facing the truth. Denial won't stop cancer or allergies!

  2. Not sure, what exactly this comment has to do with- adjusting your skin color for sun exposure, but I thought I'd post this comment anyway. I addressed this exact topic in another post which i will link here: http://fortunateface.blogspot.com/2010/02/dr-oz-great-mis-informer.html
    My biggest problem w/ what Dr. Oz states is that he doesn't use good science, but rather scare tactics. and furthermore- ones that are erroneous. please note that I avoid the very products he mentions- yet I SHOW you the SCIENCE behind WHY I made that decision.

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