Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Featured Indie!

I belong to a group called the Indie beauty network. Among other things, it provides a place where small, independent crafters of personal care, and home items can form a community to share information, find reasonable insurance, and even band to fight unfair legislation such as the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010- which as it reads now, will put most all small, boutique personal care formulators out of business with it's onerous, and prohibitively expensive regulations. Big companies are pushing rigorously for these legislations- as they would not impact their businesses, but would drive smaller companies out of the marketplace. More on this later- as I have an entire post dedicated to this topic that I am editing for clarity, as well as fact, and must finishing reading the legislation in it's entirety so as to provide the most accurate opinion possible.
On a positive note- I, and my company, Fortunate Face Minerals, was chosen last week (when I was on vacation) as the weekly featured Indie. Donna Maria Coles, the director of the network, as well as chief bulldog, in representing Indies' interests in this proposed legislation- was kind enough to send me facebook link- so I may share it with all of you!;"

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