Friday, January 8, 2010

Her timing is Impeccable!

(l-r) Berry Berry Gloss, Satisfied, First Crush, Rich Amber, Prep Step, Fleet Week, Bawdy, Bare Luster

With Fabulous Timing Crystal did a review of all the products that she won in my last contest! This conveniently coincided, (hmmm coincidence?) with the launch of my web store today today TODAY!!!!!!!! (o.k really at 11:02 est, but let's not quibble) Here are her swatches of the colors- which I cut & pasted here because, frankly I take crap pictures & hers look soooo much better! Now - for those of you who haven't seen my previous post- there's a little surprise, go ahead click it, you know you want to! The freebies, yes FREEBIES, will include Fleet Week, Bawdy, and Bare Luster 3 free FULL Size eyeshadows for all my FOLLOWERS here, up to 25 people, with any purchase at

And if you haven't checked out her blog- you should! she also has some more pics- with the makeup on!
and I agree Crystal- I use bronzer on my eyes all the time!!!!! Thanks Crystal!


  1. AHH!! It came out so amazing!! Check it out check it out!!! <3 -Steph (aka coolest niece ever)

  2. Your site looks awesome. I love that you have matte minerals. I've actually never seen that before. Definitely something I'm going to check out!

    Congratulations on your site up and running.

    & FREEBIES? What do I do to get that?


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