Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product Reviews

Today I'm reviewing a few of the products I had purchased in the past few months to add to my professional kit. The following are my personal thoughts & experiences only. I purchased all of the mentioned products.
I started out with the Laura Geller Lip Strip, to exfoliate and prepare my lips for product. The scrub is very emollient, smells & tastes minty & delicious. I would have liked the scrubbing granules to be just a bit smaller for more thorough exfoliation, but as I use a vitamin E moisture balm every evening, my lips are not very dry, or at all chapped. It does leave behind a nice soft lip. I have a shoot on Saturday, and will use this to prep the model's lips- so I can continue to see how well this works.
I also used DuWop's Lip Venom lip primer & plumping agent. I must confess, that I do not care for the scent of this product at all. The tingling sensation that indicates the plumping action started after about 30 seconds & lasted for about 10 minutes. I must say I noticed no actual visual sign that my lips were any fuller. Now, since I have fairly full lips to begin with, I really would not ever use this myself anyway, but have to say, I'm not really inspired to recommend it to anyone in need of a plumping primer.
lastly I used Urban Decay's lip color in Jilted. The color looks like a very intense purple burgundy color, with a very grapey undertone. It looks very much like a creme that would offer opacity and coverage. When applied, however it has an extremely bright, but very sheer color payoff. I used two coats to achieve the look here. I applied the lipstick from my palette with a lip brush & found the color really moved around a lot on the lips, so I really had to work hard to achieve even coverage. I don't know that it would be my first choice when reaching for a lipstick, but it does offer a bit of staining on the lips- so I could see me using it in that capacity- applying it directly to lips & then wiping it off & buffing it down to a berry stain- which I did on myself and it was very pretty. If you like bold, bright colors without a thick creme or opaque coverage you will love this lipstick.

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