Sunday, January 17, 2010

California here I Come!

My rooms are booked, my flight is booked, I've rented a car.... California, here I come!
I am excited about my upcoming opportunity to teach in Southern California, at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, Ca.
Lori Nova, owner & teacher at the Nova Studio, has graciously opened her studio for me to teach a 3 day Ultimate Mineral Boot Camp. What is so exciting for me, is that, not only will we cover making all aspects on mineral makeup, from foundations, to concealers, colored cosmetics, and even from scratch lipsticks, but also that I will include plenty of information and instructions on HOW to use these products to their best advantage!
The beauty of mineral ingredients is that they are truly at the heart of ALL makeup! some of the most popular makeup lines contain all of the same ingredients that I currently use to create my makeup, they just contain a whole lot more stuff as well, not all of them necessary, and not all of them beneficial to your skin. Gorgeous, high performing makeup can be made using very few ingredients, which often results in happier, healthier skin!
Don't get me wrong- there is nothing inherently bad in many of the synthetic ingredients out there, & science can offer much in the way of performance, color, texture, etc. You like super shiny, ultra tacky lipgloss? Well, I don't know a way to make it without silicone, definitively a synthetic ingredient, & one I choose not to use. But I can create a beautifully emollient gloss, with great shine & good wear, and do it all naturally.
Here's the greatest benefit of all. With the resurgence of interest in mineral makeup, since it has been a staple ingredient in past makeup lines, think Max Factor and even such popular makeup artist brands as RCMA , it can once again make it's presence known, and not just in it's generally accepted powder form, but in liquid and cream, and even airbrush! Yes, I have airbrushed my mineral powders, with some pretty good results! And, as I stated in an earlier post- my first wearable cream foundation has been born, and I must say the results are even better than I had hoped! All natural oils & waxes combined with all natural pigments have created a makeup that I am proud to call Fortunate Face Minerals!
If you are interested in learning more about mineral makeup, class signups are still underway, with an early bird signup (Discount!) until January 22nd. Class will be held March 5, 6, & 7th. for more information, class description, pricing, or to register go to:

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