Sunday, January 3, 2010

Website & Cream Foundation

Yay! It's on it's way...... Friday is d-day for my website! (under penalty of death to my webguy if it's not up)
But, I'm also celebrating a really great incarnation of my cream based foundation. I have been working on a cream base for quite some time, & I am definitely close to a finalized version! hip hip hooray! My cream base had to be # 1, all natural- plant based oils & waxes & mineral & plant based pigment & fillers. 2nd, needed good coverage, high percentage of pigmentation for quick & easy use, 3rd be viable for multiple skin types, lastly have stable, long shelf life for safety. Well, ladies I have to say-this one is now officially in the final testing phases & should hopefully be available soon! Here is a pic of me w/ nothing but the cream foundation a little blush, lipstick & my translucent setting sheer.

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