Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Class at the Nova studio

Alrighty, so our lovely Crystal has been sent a package for the third time... think it's a charm?
we'll wait and see. Fingers crossed, prayers uttered please.

Anyway, I've been booked to teach a three day mineral makeup making & application boot camp at the Nova Studio in Point Richmond, California, yay me!
The class is scheduled for March 5th, 6th, & 7th, the studio is owned by Lori Nova, who teaches a lot of soapmaking, lotionmaking, & general bath & body products classes. You can learn more about the studio, as well as my upcoming class here:
The class description and pricing as well as registration should be up tomorrow. Early birds definitely get a price break, so anyone who's interested- booking early is worth $.
This is very exciting, not only do I get to teach others what I've learned about custom creating mineral makeup, but also helping people understand the many different ways mineral makeup can be used- from wet to dry buffing application, and even airbrushing! Color theory, highlight and con
tour, as well as what you need to know about running a mineral makeup business. We're even going to make lipsticks- fun, fun, fun!

My nude lippie palette

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