Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year (a little early) to all my lovely readers out there! I hope 2010 brings you all the happiness, joy, & contentment in the world!
My goals for 2010 are to keep this business of mine rolling forward- I am so happy with how my makeup line is being received, I love that I am being offered more & more opportunities to work with fantastic models & very talented photographers!
I love that I am getting to fly to Ca ( a little nervous too about the long flight) to teach (which i love) all about mineral makeup & it's different application techniques!
I am thrilled with how supportive my hubby is in all this- got me a garmin GPS for Christmas so I can easily find all these out of the way places for photoshoots, etc.
My main focus now, right now is gearing up for 2 trunk shows- one Jan 9th, the other Feb 4th @ Prep ( Anyone local who would like to go, just comment & I'll send you an invite which is redeemable for a gift certificate worth $10 good on any merchandise in the store!
And to harass the crap out of my web guy to get this retail site up and running! I am being patient as he's only 22, and likes to sleep late (he's also a ridiculously talented musician), but I promise all of you who have been asking that I will make this a priority!
Also for all of you who have contacted me- make sure you click that follow button, 'cause as soon as that site is up I'll be hosting contests & one will be exclusive to followers only!

Lastly it is still a goal of mine to get some videos up & going on youtube! I've had my subscription for a year now (MakingUup), I just have one little obstacle- I need an actual video camera- so that is definitely on my list of things to buy! it's such a shame stuff costs money LOL.
Have Fun this New Years, be safe!!!!!! Designate if you're drinking PLEASE! Love to all my peoples!

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