Thursday, December 17, 2009

Package Has arrived!!!!

So, anyone who's read my blog more than once, probably knows of the unending saga of the undeliverable package(s). poor Crystal, my lovely winner of my inspiration contest, couldn't seem to get any of the 3, yes 3 packages that I sent to her. Well, Oh happy day- cause finally it has arrived! You can check out pics of what she got at her blog,
I can see from the pic that my poor little fortune cookie got smushed to smithereens ( her post office probably threw it 'cause they are soooo not in love with me!), and my &*@# lip gloss label is coming off, Argh! labels are the bane of my makeup making existence! Back to my supplier to order different ones, that will hopefully stay on!
Anyway, I'm excited for her to try out some of the stuff, and she's a beauty, AND a makeup artist& she takes great photos to boot, so she's certainly going to make my stuff look good!
I promise the web store is slated to be up and running soon- my web guy says the end of this week, but I'm kind of thinking more like next week (knowing him) Like right after Christmas, sigh, only the biggest shopping season! oh, well.
I've had a few of you contacting me wanting to know when I will be online, I promise I will post here the day we start- in the meantime- for those who have been asking you may certainly contact me through the contact page if there is something specific I've showcased here, that you would wish to purchase- my Paypal account is up & running so we can definitely work something out.

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  1. Aw, thank you Karrie! The fortune cookie was yummy nonetheless. I'm planning on doing a look soon using all Fortunate Face products!


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